Safeguard Our Water and Environment

As Huntington Democrats, preserving our water and our environment is a top priority. Living here, we are the best equipped to recognize environmental problems. Nobody is better positioned than Huntington’s citizens to assess solutions, advocate for workable and affordable plans, and coordinate with various levels of government to prevent or fix those problems. Working together, we can preserve our resources for our children.

Protect Huntington's Charm and Character

Huntington is a beautiful place to live, learn, and play. It possesses a charm that reflects its history and waterside location. It can be seen in the architecture and community’s design. Huntington Democrats believe that government is the most important advocate for retaining our community’s character. Planning and development must be done carefully and intelligently, and in coordination with neighborhood representatives and experts who are motivated to act in the interest of our communities.

Hold Down Government Spending

Ask anyone who lives here, and they’ll tell you that the biggest challenge with living in Huntington, or Long Island for that matter, is the cost. At the level of government, Huntington Democrats believe we have a responsibility with every dollar we spend to make certain that it is used efficiently and effectively, and to pursue cost savings whenever possible without compromising the quality of services you rely on.

Make Town Hall
User Friendly

Government functions to solve problems, and so Democrats are devoted to making Town Hall a place where citizens can visit to get things done effectively and efficiently. Whether you need to pay taxes, file a document, or host a block party, we want to make certain you leave knowing your tax dollars are being used to your advantage.

Stop Rampant and Unqualified Patronage Hiring

Huntington’s citizens pay top dollar to live here, and much of that is the expense of paying highly qualified professionals and labor to provide essential government services. We deserve the full value of the dollars we spend, and should get nothing less than the most qualified people our money can attract. As Huntington Democrats, we are pained by rampant and unqualified hiring that has taken hold of Town Hall. We are dedicated to exposing these practices wherever we find them, and replacing them with professional hiring practices when we return to control 


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